Why Use Practice Management Software?

When therapists and counselors use a cloud-based practice management software they’ll save time, have less stress, and be more focused on clinical care.

The behavioral healthcare industry is filled with redundancy. First of all, patients are scheduled and billed separately. Next, statements are not automated and are difficult to generate and send. Also, records are disorganized and patient communication isn’t secure. Finally, revenue tracking is a headache, and many clinicians have no idea about the financial health of their private practice.

Mental health therapists and counselors spend hours a week frustrated by the hassles of administering their private practice leaving them stressed and reducing the time they have available to serve others.

Practice management software streamlines patient scheduling, billing and documentation and allows therapists and counselors more time to focus on what they do best; treating mental health issues.

Take a few minutes to audit your mental health private practice and consider what tasks are taking up time, money, and energy.

Start by asking a few questions about your private practice:

  1. How many hours a week do you spend scheduling clients?
  2. How much time do you spend on billing or generating superbills?
  3. Do you experience a lot of late cancels, or no-shows? Are you sending automated patient reminders?
  4. Do you have large outstanding balances?


These are just a few areas where having practice management technology vastly reduce the time spent on single tasks.

Investing in practice management software allows you to operate a more profitable business.

We’d love to provide you a comprehensive business audit to show you how Therapy Partner’s practice management software can transform your private practice into well run business. Contact us today.

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