Maximize Profit Adding Clinical Associates Part 2

Part 2: Execute on Your Dreams of Expansion Utilizing Progressive Business Strategies

This comprehensive, fast paced, two part series, will ensure you reach your goals of expansion, by first helping you to create a stable business platform, primed for expansion, and then providing you with recommended business practices, strategies and optimal structure to expand safely and with confidence!

In Part II:
Create a business model that involves quality control and oversight over your brand and clinical work, ensuring each patient has an exceptional experience in your practice. Shift your role to clinical director and founder, reducing your direct clinical care, creating additional streams of revenue, maximizing your revenue potential, balancing expenses with your new growth rate, and minimizing overall liability and risk. Create a stable business foundation and brand that is positioned for ongoing success.

Following up on Webinar I: Now Take your well organized practice and operational plan to the next level. Learn techniques and strategies to:
· Create a Viable Associate Based Business Model
· Identify, Advertise, Interview & Hire Optimal Associates
· Generate a Solid Legal Agreement
· Set a Clinical & Professional Precedent w New Hires
· Explore Compensation Models
· Limit Risk & Exposure
· Review Principles for Streamlining Oversight of Your Practice
· Create Operational & Development Business Time To Ensure Your New Practice Thrives

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