It’s a Damn Shame

Part 1

(46 min)

Presented By Jessica Dolgan, Psy.D.
Founder & CEO Therapy Partner: Private Practice Advisor

Finally, a course that talks about money in private practice boldly, without shame or guilt. Earning a great living doesn’t hinder the process of providing quality clinical care, it enhances it. This webinar is targeted at clinicians wanting to break away from industry constraints, with the explicit intention of creating an optimal, well regarded, safe, streamlined, client-centric, lucrative, and above all a professionally satisfying clinical practice, that provides the highest quality clinical care.

Profitability in Clinical Practice Is Boosted Immediately Implementing These Initiatives:

1. Auditing Your Current Business to Streamline Operations & Maximize Revenue

2. Creating a Practice Vision & Concrete Plan to Achieve the Results You Desire

3. Understanding Your Current Market Approach & Brand: Cultivating A Niche Expertise

4. Implement Revenue Boosting Tools. Use Key Metrics & Initiatives to Drive Profitability, Contain Expenses & To Design a Practice You Love.


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