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How To Shop Practice Management Software…

Simplify, Streamline, Enhance Security, Save Time & Increase Revenue!

Utilizing an online, intuitive, progressive, and therapist-centric billing and practice management system helps you to stay ahead in private practice!

The healthcare field is replete with redundancy. Patients are scheduled separately, billed separately, statements are not automated, records are disorganized, patient communication isn’t secure, and revenue tracking a headache.

The key to streamlining your practice is to remove multiple devices and actions, working to intuitively integrate previously cumbersome and time-consuming administrative tasks. This will free you to focus on providing quality clinical care, and ultimately ensure you love your life and practice!

Audit your practice and consider what tasks are taking up time, money, and energy that could be redirected towards stabilizing your business and growth (if increased revenue is a goal).

Find a Practice Management Solution That Ensures You Love Your Practice!

Ensure You Are Receiving These Top Practice Management Features When Shopping:

    • Storage (Manages and Stores All Patient Healthcare & Financial Data)
    • Integrated Merchant Banking Management


    • Mobile and Online Responsive Access


    • Integrated Calendaring (Scheduling that syncs with billing)


    • Quick Bill Features (Intuitive Billing: Allows You to Bill Multiple Sessions at One Time)


    • Insurance and Private Pay Billing Features


    • Customized Libraries (Billing/Treatment Codes, Diagnostics)


    • Progress Notes: (Offers Templates/Custom Options)


    • Client Record System (Stores Comprehensive Clinical Data and Unlimited Upload)


    • Automated Patient Statements (Intuitive Systems Should Automate Encrypted, Password Protected Statements Monthly)


    • Comprehensive Revenue Tracking and Reporting


    • Patient Portal That Ensures Secure Patient Communication


    • Text/Email Message Patient Appointment Reminders


    • Master Dashboard to Easily Manage, Track, and Direct Your Business


    • Dedicated Customer Support


  • Comprehensive Business Education (Webinars, Podcast, Articles)

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