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Change is Inevitable 

In our resistance to embrace change we run the risk of operations being outdated and clunky. Clinicians are busy and scheduling, billing, and statements are the last thing on our agenda every day, with client clinical care taking a front seat, as it should.

Do an honest assessment and ask yourself if you’re making the basic process of accessing and utilizing your services arduous? If your clients are slightly annoyed but put up with some of your outdated policies or techniques because you’re a great therapist, it’s time to consider pivoting.

Make it Easy on the Client, Make it Easy on Yourself

Take a quick inventory? Is it easy to set appointments with you, and can they be re occurring? Are you storing a form of payment on file, or making clients pay every session? Are you sending everyone, great insurance ready statements or superbills? How do you bill for late cancels, and no shows?  How do you handle and bill for consultation?

What are you doing to streamline your private practice? Remember, in giving to others we stand to receive the greatest gifts. Imagine the ability to focus on what you do best, all while having a progressive client-centric practice. Get out of your own way, ask for help, embrace technology, make patient healthcare and financial data safer, and starting today create a business that is sustainable and perhaps even has a foundation for growth to occur! Organization and streamlined operations are the soil in which abundance and freedom grow.

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