The Benefit of Media Diets

More and more we hear clinicians talking about feeling distracted. If this is you, you’re not alone. In a world full of blogs, podcasts, facebook posts, instagrams, news feed, apps and more, how does a simple clinician get a break? After all your job is to listen carefully and to respond with expertise and insight; not the ideal role in which to be mentally saturated. If you haven’t already, consider a media diet.

What is this thing called a media diet? This is a technique experts in self-mastery have been speaking quite often about; a genuine intentional goal of slowing the content down that clutters our mental space and distracts us from our core goals.

Turn off the Noise

Not sure what should be considered on your “what to cut out” list? Make note of anything that keeps you from business cultivation, that drains or sucks time, and that has limited return on investment. Turn it off, ignore it, and refocus on what matters most to you. Do less and do what you do choose to do better.

Want to learn more about “Low-Information Diets” check out what Tim Ferriss calls “Selective Ignorance”.

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