Your private practice needs a business strategy

Run your private practice like the business that it is

The tides have shifted. Clinicians are embracing counseling business strategies and techniques long used in other industries. Good for us! It’s time for us to borrow from the masters. Other sectors use business training, advising, and education as ways to get a market edge, and ensure amazing earnings so that that your passion to help others becomes a business you love.

Nothing is off limits and so much of this education is fairly easy to implement. Check out our private practice webinars, and business education through membership at sites like GoodTherapy.

Modifying our previous judgements and fears about receiving this type of support is creating a new generation of empowered therapists and counselors. With counseling business strategies clinicians can run lucrative passion driven clinical practices.

There will always be private practitioners who feel that “business strategy” is beneath our profession or that it won’t create an advantage. You’re here, curious, interested and open to change…so congratulations, you’ve already separated yourself from the competition by simply being open to creating a practice backed by sound business principles.

What’s a business strategy you’ve implemented that has helped your private practice grow?

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