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Imagine, All Business Of Practice Tasks Managed With One Device...

Scheduling Billing Credit Card Processing & Storage Therapy Notes & Progress Notes Automated Statements Revenue Tracking

Running Your Practice Has Never Been Easier

Practice Management Software

Available From Your Computer,
Tablet or Smart-Phone

Built Uniquely For Psychiatrists,
Psychologists, & Therapists

Advanced Industry Technology
Streamlining All Practice Management Tasks

Driven By Our Proprietary. "Book-Bill-Document" Technology!



Learn How 3.0 Will Change The Way You View Practice
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Therapy Partner makes it easy! I now spend less time managing my practice and more time enjoying it!
Jennifer, Psy.D. - Whittier, CA

BEFORE AND AFTER 3.0...The Story Of Dr. Stuart

Feeling Like Dr. Stuart? Are You Ready For Change?


Learn How 3.0 Can Compliment Your Unique Practice

(*Receive a no obligation tour of our unique system)
Therapy Billing Software

The Philosophy...Why 3.0 Will Change Your Practice

At Therapy Partner We Are Deeply Committed To Helping Clinicians To Evolve Their Practices...We Service This Commitment By Providing Progressive, Intuitive Technology Designed Just For You...

Therapy Partner, 3.0 Is Uniquely Designed For Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists In Private Practice...Finally! All Your Business Of Practice Tasks Can Be Completed Using A Single Device…Available From Your Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone.

The Technology

Therapy Partner Is A National Leader In Development Of Progressive Technology!

Therapy Partner’s Intuitive Single-Device Technology Is Built & Dedicated To The Tasks You Perform Most...

3.0 Does It All

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3.0 Is Driven By Our Proprietary "Book-Bill-Document" Navigation. This Unique Technology Helps You To Navigate The Tasks Most Performed In Practice; Booking, Billing, and Generating Progress Notes.

Our Proprietary “Quick-Bill” Feature Automates Scheduled Appointments From Your Calendar To Your Billing Interface…Allowing You To Bill An Entire Clinical Day or Week With One Click…Practice Has Never Been Easier!

The More You Use 3.0 The More Intuitive It Becomes... 3.0 Saves: Session Type Information. Diagnostics. Patient Financials Per Visa/MC Standards. Billing History. Treatment History, and more...

Integrated Calendaring

Scheduling Appointments & Integrating Billing With Your Scheduled Clinical Time Has Never Been Easier!

Therapy Partner's Integrated Calendaring system allows you to track your professional and personal calendar. Sessions can easily be booked from your computer, tablet or smart phone. Sessions marked for billing are automatically added to the patient record and are routed to the “Quick Bill” screen, allowing you to bill your entire clinical day with one click! The robust calendar allows you to mark, color code, and edit events with ease. Patient scheduling preferences can also be stored, making scheduling seamless.
Therapist Scheduling Software

Therapy Billing Software

“Quick-Bill” Technology
Bulk Billing Intuitively Tied to Calendaring

A Day In Practice Has Never Been Easier… Schedule Appointments…Watch As Your Sessions Move To The Automated Billing Screen In Real Time, & Click “Quick-Bill” – Bill For An Entire Day Or Week With One Click!

3.0's intuitive technology automatically saves your session defaults and client preferences, allowing sessions to be added to a queue, and billed in bulk, an amazing time saver. It's simple, book your patient appointments – move to the bill screen – approve sessions and “Quick Bill,” then at your leisure, move to Document and enter your progress notes. Relax, knowing all your patient statements have been automated using Therapy Partner’s Encrypted Statement Technology.

Comprehensive Progress Notes/EMR Storage

Say Good Bye To Paper! Say Hello To Convenience, Safety, and Peace of Mind!

Therapy Partner offers the most comprehensive note taking device and storage technology in the industry!

Select Your Notes...They Are Designed For You!

Psychiatrists: Choose: Psychiatric Progress Note, Psychiatric Intake, Psychiatric Brief Med Management Note, as well as a library of “General Note” Types Including: Contact Note, Cancellation Note, Brief Update, Chart Summary

Psychologists/Therapists: Choose: Psychological Intake Note, Psychological Process Note, Psychological Progress Note; or Choose A “General Note” Types Including: Contact Note, Cancellation Note, Brief Update, Chart Summary.

Therapy Partner maintains all of your Progress Notes in a State of The Art Facility Specializing In Record Keeping Of Sensitive Financial and Patient Data.

Therapy Notes

Credit Card Processing,
Expedited Funds & Secure Financial Storage

Billing Software

The Facts:

  • Clinicians increase revenue by 20% within the first year of using our technology!
  • Patients are more likely to seek services when they have a form of payment on file… no one remembers their check book anymore and we all prefer systems that easily allow us to use our debit/credit card of choice
  • Consultation, Late-Cancels, and No-Call-No-Shows Can Be Easily Managed When You Have A CC/Debit Card On File

Getting Paid Has Never Been This Simple! 3.0 Has Changed The Way Our Industry Processes Payment!

Processing Payment Is Now Simple, Convenient, Safe, and Secure!

3.0’s Unique System: Therapy Partner provides you with Flat Rate credit card management, allowing you to easily store/encrypt a form of payment on file for each patient; we even provide you with an Electronic Authorization form to add to your Intake packet. As clients come in for regularly scheduled sessions you simply confirm their session information, click to bill, and watch as funds are directed to your business bank account in 24hours.

Billing for Consultation, Late Cancels, and No-Shows Has Never Been Easier!

Remember With 3.0 Your Calendar Is Tied In Real-Time To Your Billing! Use “Quick-Bill” To Bill For An Entire Clinical Day Or Week!

No More Processing Payment At The Time Of Session… Your Time Now Belongs To You & Your Patient…Watch How This Change To Your Business Deeply Impacts Your Patient Experience & Your Level Of Professional Satisfaction!

The Psychology Behind Credit Card Storage:

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Therapy Partner’s Unique Financial Technology:

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* Remember, all of your client's info is securely stored and monitored in a State of The Art Facility dedicated to record keeping of sensitive financial and patient data. Don't risk fraud using external machines or paper records – watch as storage of patient payment information increases your revenue and security!

Complete Revenue Tracking & Reporting

Tracking Your Earnings, Generating Reports, & Managing Your Business Is Now Simple & Empowering!

Understanding your earnings and the way in which your business trends is the key to growing the practice you desire...

Therapy Partner will track and report all of your revenue; an amazing time savor during tax time!

3.0 will generate a comprehensive statement of all your work by month, quarter or even year! If you have associates in your practice our unique revenue tracking feature can allow you to look at your practice by clinician as well!

The Philosophy Of Storing A Form Of Payment

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The Benefits Of Intuitive Technology

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Practice Management Software

Group Practice Software

Group Practice Features

Finally! Advance Your Group Practice Using 3.0’s Integrated Associate Tracking Features

Therapy Partner 3.0 provides group practice owners with the tools to maximize revenue and associate/administrative oversight of Scheduling, Billing, and Progress Notes/Clinical Documentation.

Growing your practice has never been more streamlined. Minimize risk, with easy access to your associates and their actions within your practice.

Assign each clinician an Associate status, they see their client’s information only, and you keep control of the full practice outlook…this ensures global practice information is kept confidential including revenue.

Therapy Partner will track and report your revenue across all associates, an amazing time savor during tax time. Pull reports and watch daily as Therapy Partner tracks your revenue. *Because 3.0 stores session defaults and client preferences including credit card information, outstanding balances are minimized and associates can bill for all services including late cancels, no shows, and consultation, a great way to track accountability and to maximize revenue for work performed.

Progressive Technology & Customized Support

Advanced Technology & Support Are A Single Mission At Therapy Partner! We Are Owned By A Clinical Psychologist & Know That The Key To Business Success Are Tools & Support…

At Therapy Partner we have married the development of progressive, intuitive technology with customized, uniquely tailored account management! Technology and support ensure you always run your practice with ease, and that your focus can remain on patient care.

At Therapy Partner, you are assigned a Customer Service & Account Manager…! Never wait on a customer service, or banking assistance line again… We streamline your access to our partner bank and personally manage all of your transactions!

Business Of Practice Education & Support

Therapy Partner is also an industry leader in providing Business of Practice education designed to help practice owners streamline their business practices, enhance their marketing/brand, and to increase revenue/financial predictability and stability. Ask your account manager about unique consultative opportunities and continuing ed options.

Therapist Practice Management Software